“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.”
Dalai Lama

Many stakeholders and especially the population in general have a legitimate interest in accessing insights obtained from environment monitoring, like status of environmental regeneration projects, dam conditions, water quality, etc. The TerraBeat app provide in intuitive and didactic way real-time and reliable information about the environment to any person that has downloaded it.

A mobile app with gamification strategies and a focus on transparency, learning and collaboration is the main channel between companies, researchers and governmenton one side, and the population and customers on the other. Through the app data can be acquired to feed back into the platform in a virtuous cycle.

Besides the access to real-time data, one of the main benefits of the TerraBeat app will be the dissemination of reliable and serious information about the actual situation of the environment in urban as well as rural areas. Likewise, the app will offer users the chance to build up engaged communities around various environmental issues, and to have a voice in the matters.