The Platform

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.”
W. Edwards Deming

To mitigate the imminent environmental crisis, it is essential to achieve efficiency and sustainability in the use of natural resources. This influences extremely important areas of activity such as agriculture, mining, energy generation and urban development. Institutions that are involved in these areas are potential customers of the SmartPlanet platform.

Intelligent monitoring of critical resources and facilities is essential to achieve efficiency and sustainability. Comprehensive monitoring of large areas generates a huge amount of data. But only when this big data is processed properly does it become useful insight.

The SmartPlanet platform removes the barriers to effective interpretation of monitoring parameters by providing an open marketplace that offers everything needed to create environmental insights, integrate these insights into legacy applications, react to special events, present the results & trends in a powerful dashboard and make key insights available to the population in an intuitive and didactic way.

Data Acquisition

Georeferenced data acquisition with multiple methods and devices like satellite, aircraft, weather radars, sensors, manual metering etc. are available in different formats and are sent to the platform at different frequencies and through different communication protocols. The SmartPlanet platform provides a range of connectors capable of receiving and interpreting these georeferenced data, and systematically storing them in its database.

Processing & Analysis

The SmartPlanet platform offers in a marketplace a variety of algorithms and tools for preparing, manipulating, and analysing georeferenced data. User-defined workflows are automatically executed using the selected data, tools and algorithms, and generating insights and events. These events can be used also to trigger the execution of other workflows.

Presentation & Response

Several ways to visualize data and insights, and to react to events are available to the users in the marketplace of the SmartPlanet platform. They can combine these components, like charts, in-context reports, and widgets, to define meaningful dashboards. Customizable, highly configurable dashboards provide users with the flexibility to share information, view status, monitor progress and trends, find correlations between parameters, improve workflow processes, access quick links and other functions.